Lighting Plan

Types of Installed Lighting

General Guidelines and Considerations below, ensure to:

    • Follow Ontario Electrical Safety Code requirements for electrical wiring and installations

    • Work with a Licensed Electrician for safe and quality outcomes

  1. Overhead Potlights

    • Given the specific cieling area, the potlights are installed in Rows

    • A general rule of thumb (for an even light pattern and distribution) is ceiling height divided by 2 (ex. 8ft/2= 4ft spacing)

    • In-line spacing within the rows must factor the existing constraints: joists, piping, electrical wiring, etc.

  1. Kitchen Pendants

    • Raised around 30-36" above the counterspace

  2. Under Cabinet

    • May be ambient or focused lighting, most common is the use of strip lighting

  3. Chandeliers

    • Centered, hanging 30-36" above a table, or 7' to allow walking clearance

  4. Wall Sconces

    • Try having the bottom of the fixture at eye level, if placed around a mirror space approx. 36-40" apart

  5. Task & Accent Lighting

    • Focused lighting, specific to the space and activity

  6. Airport Runway Lighting