Ontario Power Generation

"Producing reliable, low-cost power using a diverse mix of generating sources"- www.opg.com

A net-zero carbon company by 2040, a catalyst for net-zero carbon economies by 2050

OPG Map of Assets (pdf download)

OPG is regulated by the OEB, and is roughly 35% less expensive than other generatorsProviding Value through Innovation and Efficiency, Respecting Indigenous Relations, Fostering a Culture of ED&I

75 Operating Stations in Ontario

    • Darlington's Refurbishment is North Americas largest clean energy projects 
    • Pickering reaches the End of Commercial Operation in 2025
    • Produce 50% of the worlds medical supply of Cobalt-60 for sterilization
    • Darlington is North Americas only producer of Molybdenum-99 isotope
    • Napanese GS, Halton Hills GS, Portlands Energy Centre

85 Operating Stations in the U.S.

Future Orientation (promoting economic development)

    • Using Darlington's New Nuclear Site Development and Environmental Assessement to license the 1st SMR in Canada
    • The Global First Power Partnership (Joint Venture with Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation) to build, own and operate Canada's first off-grid micro SMR
    • Advancing grid-scale SMR development with GE Hitachi, Terrestrial Energy and X-energy
    • Ivy Charging Network for Electric Vehicles (Joint Venture with Hydro One)
    • Advancing Fleet and Transit: TTC eBus and Amherst/Wolfe Island Ferry charging infrastructures