Nuclear Fission is used to continuously split uranium atoms. The heat energy released is used to make steam that will drive a turbine and generate electricity.

Nuclear Power is used to provide stable (baseload) grids and energy security, with reduced dependence on imported fuels.

  • In 2021, Global electricity generated by nuclear was 9.8%

    • ÂąElectricity generation by nuclear fuel = 2,800.3 / 28,466.3 [TWh]

  • 2nd largest source of global low-carbon electricity (to hydro-power)

  • New nuclear technologies are required for a global clean energy system

  • Nuclear power capacity is required to approximately double (from 390 GW) for a net-zero scenario

440 Nuclear Power Reactor in Operation (mapped locations)

  • 92- in United States, 56- France, 55- China, 54 under construction

  • Various Reactor Types exist around the world: : PWR, BWR, PHWR, AGR, LWGR, and FBR (charted below)

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Canadian Nuclear Facts by CNA

CANDU Locations- A Canadian Design and Technology



Fuel Processing:

Mining- Milling - Refining - Conversion - Enrichment - Fuel Manufacturing - Electricity Generation - Storage - Reprocessing - Disposal


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