Simple and synthesized facts, to help change social behaviours and responses to energy choices.

A beauty of nature is our connectedness

#1 Reduce Transportation, more Efficient Travel

  • Hit the Road with a Bicycle, see the Toronto Cycling Network ↗ and Waterfront Trails (maps below)

  • Share Public Transit, with the TTC subway & (green) buses ↗ and GO train

  • Take fewer Flights

  • Reduce emissions with an electric car, hybrid car, or more efficient car.

    • Still emits emissions via manufacturing, energy usage, and maintenance

#2 Retro-fitting Buildings

  • Improve Insulation & Ventilation (Air-Leakage Control in Roofs and Attics, Basement, Walls, Windows and Doors)

  • More Efficient Home Heating- use Smart Thermostats (automated control)

  • Change Lights to LED with Dimmer and Occupancy Controls

  • Use Low Carbon Construction, and Energy Star Appliances

#3 Better Recycling Methods

  • Follow Material Guides ↗ for proper disposal

  • Use the RecycleCoach app (specific to your area)

  • Material & Waste Reduction (steel, plastics), Better Recycling of Raw Materials

#4 Increase Public Awareness on Strategies

  • Enrich Biodiversity, Improve Soil Sustainability, Adhere to Fire Management

  • Advocate Resilient Infrastructure to Climate Change

  • Support Local Environmental Conservation, and Green Infrastructure Projects

    • Ex. The Portlands ↗ Flood Protection Project

  • Project Drawdown Solutions - Drawdown Scenario 1 is roughly in line with 2˚C temperature rise by 2100, while Drawdown Scenario 2 is roughly in-line with 1.5˚C temperature rise at century’s end